Agroxx: soul and technology from Val di Non, in Trentino, Northern Italy

12 . 04 . 2022
Florix leads the future of innovative and sustainable agriculture

VILLE D’ANAUNIA: Agroxx recently presented itself at AgriAlp, an international fair that, in Bolzano, presents the best of the sector’s proposals. Among them great interest and curiosity was aroused by FLORIX, the innovative flower thinning machine that respects plants and the environment.

“We had excellent feedback,” explains Lorenzo Cavosi, Alberto Gasperi and Giorgio Ioris, “Our proposal was judged as the most innovative in the fruit sector, and, due to its characteristics, fears no competition. Florix meets the fruit cultivation needs of the future: the revolutionary flower thinning system is effective, sustainable, ideal for organic farming and capable of significantly reducing the use of chemicals in traditional fruit growing”.

Florix aroused the interest of both local and international operators, such as from Russia, Israel, the USA, Holland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, and Switzerland, who were struck by the mechanized thinning system with mobile arms that adapts to the plant, respects it, reduces operating times, and brings significant advantages in terms of fruit size and re-flowering. Agroxx aims to become a leader in the sector over the next few years: the innovative start-up is registered with the Trento Chamber of Commerce, and Florix is a worldwide patented system, built on know-how, born in Val di Non, in Trentino, Northern Italy, that responds to real fruit cultivation needs to find innovative and sustainable solutions. Florix is a project that leverages a supply chain of innovative and agronomic technical know-how, capable of offering fast economic investment returns, and of accessing recovery and tax benefits for investments in new instrumental assets, such as Machinery 4.0.

Soul and technology from Val di Non, in Trentino, Northern Italy, for an innovative and sustainable agriculture. AGROXX is this, a start-up born from the initiative of three entrepreneurs with different skill-sets: Giorgio Ioris, an agronomic expert, Alberto Gasperi, a development and innovative start-up expert, and Stefano and Lorenzo Cavosi, technical experts and owners of CL Meccanica.