Agriculture 4.0

What is
Agriculture 4.0?

The new Industry 4.0 tax credit applied to Agriculture 4.0
envisages an incentive of up to 40% on the value of purchased assets
that meet the requirements


What are the benefits of approaching
Agriculture 4.0?

Thanks to the Software 4.0 device, you can:

  • LOCATE the machine via GPS;
  • Check the OPERATION of the machine;
  • Furthermore, in the case of the Florix system, you can carry out diagnostics on the number of revolutions of the beaters, and the temperature and pressure of the hydraulic oil.

All in real time.
With the precise and timely analysis of data, the final aim is to increase the profitability and economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural processes!
The data will be directly manageable by the customer and the distribution company.

Agroxx Florix

Agroxx Florix

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Agroxx aims to become a sector leader in fruit cultivation and sustainable and organic crops.
Agroxx is a leader in the manufacture of innovative Agriculture 4.0 machinery.

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