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Trentino soul and technology
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Agrox - Florix


Agroxx is a startup born from the initiative of four entrepreneurs from Val di Non-Trentino, each with their own particular skills.

Agroxx Florix

Meet the team

Giorgio Ioris has been an agricultural entrepreneur for over 40 years in Val di Non and Slovakia. He has also been an administrator of agricultural cooperatives, and a member of the marketing committee of a leading company. He devised an innovative flower thinning machine, making it more effective and efficient than the any other machine already on the market. He firmly believes in the potential and benefits of mechatronic and digital systems in the agricultural sector, particularly concerning fruit cultivation and the development of the organic sector.

Stefano and Lorenzo Cavosi are brothers and the owners of CL Meccanica, a company specializing in industrial prototyping, design and construction of special industrial machinery. They continuously research innovative solutions for various areas of the industrial sector, from food through to industrial processing, manufacturing and packaging, and leverage their experience and that of their team in bringing the innovative solutions of AGROXX to fruition.

Alberto Gasperi supports Agroxx with its business development, networking and scaling-up. He has accumulated over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial and professional fields, with particular dedication to start-ups and the development of innovative projects and companies. He is the president, founder and managing partner of an innovative start-up holding company. He has founded business accelerators in both mechatronic and industrial fields, as well as digital B2B and Greentech. He has been an active member of the Trento branch of the General Confederation of Italian Industry, Confindustria, for over 20 years, and is the current President of its Business Services and Engineering and Finance sections, as well as a member of its General Council. He is a mentor for various national bodies and organizations, and an Innovation Manager in the Ministry of Economic Development’s ministerial register of experts

Why should a farmer opt for Agroxx innovation?

  • here are currently no alternatives.
  • We promote processes that are not only economically profitable, but also bring innovative value to the production process.
  • Agroxx makes use of consultancy and partners for various advanced technical, agronomic and commercial aspects, on the basis of objective and scientific data.
  • We promote alternatives to what the market offers.
  • Agroxx has set itself the goal of become a leader in innovation in the precision agriculture sector.
    Those who choose Agroxx opt for cutting-edge products from the point of view of performance and technological content.

Want to be one of our partners?

Agroxx aims to become a sector leader in fruit cultivation and sustainable and organic crops.
Agroxx is a leader in the manufacture of innovative Agriculture 4.0 machinery.

Agroxx is engaged in the careful daily observation of issues, and the analysis and design of new solutions.
Agroxx is constantly on the lookout for expert partners.